How to control Possums?

The common brush tail possum is found throughout Australia and causes damage to buildings, regenerated forest projects, pine plantations, flowers and fruit trees.  This can cause many problems for homeowners too, because possums tend to eat everything in sight including all decorative plants and vegetables, destroying gardens.

Possum fur is considered fairly valuable and these small creatures have been extensively hunted for their fur, resulting in them being protected on the mainland of Australia.  There is still an annual hunting season in Tasmania and landowners can obtain Crop Protection Permits if they have experienced property damage caused by possums.

The populations of possums have been declining in certain regains and this has caused some possums to lose their habitats.  On the other hand, the urban possum has adapted to humans and has moved into local neighbourhoods and residences.  Possums generally like to live in roofs and under foundations.  It is still legal for people to trap possums in order to evict them from their residences.  Some areas of Australia require people to obtain permits to trap possums.  People simply take the possums to a remote area and then release them into the wild.

How to control of Possums?

Live Traps

Live traps are a great option, but you had better check to see if you need a permit to trap any possums at your home.  Pestrol live traps are large enough to capture a possum and hold it until you can release it.  The open size of the trap is 24 cm wide by 66 cm long and 26 cm high.  The possum will not be injured when it is captured.  These traps are very easy to bait and can be put together very quickly.  You do not need to use any fancy tools to put the trap together.  Once you capture a possum you can transport it and release it into the wild.  There is also some mesh around the area of where the bait is located that prevents the possum from stealing the bait and eluding the trap.  The handle is shielded for your protection so that you can carry the trap and not have to worry about being bitten or scratched.

The trap arrives in a folded flat condition with the instructions needed to unfold it into a usable position.  Cable ties are then cut to allow the trap to expand open.  Instructions will show you how to set the trap up and get ready for your first capture.  Always ensure that you are permitted to trap possums in your local area before you get started.  The best way to ensure that the trap is effective is to place it on a flat surface, bait it beyond the trip plate and use canned pet food.  Try to camouflage the trap itself with the use of leaves and twigs around the trap.  Check the trap every day in case you have caught a possum, you don’t want it to suffer for an extended period of time in the trap.

Pestrol Possum Away

This humane method of getting rid of possums is highly effective because it does not use chemicals and does not harm the possum.  Instead, it deters the creatures from ever setting foot onto your property by emitting a noise that they find uncomfortable.  The Pestrol Possum Away repels possums through the use of an ultrasonic sound generated from the unit along with a highly effective an extremely annoying strobe light.  The range of sound waves is between 15 kHz and 25 kHz.

This device simply plugs in to a wall socket using a 240 v AC transformer that comes with the device.  It is safe to use outside because it is completely weather resistant.  The device works as far away as 10 metres and emits a high pressure sound which is not audible to humans so it will not bother the average person.  What it is effective at doing is scaring off those unwanted pests such as possums.  While many ultrasonic devices emit a similar and constant sound, this one has a wide range of sounds that fluctuate so that pests do not become accustomed to the sound of them.

This device operates on a continuous basis all day long.  You do have the option of making use of the built-in motion sensor which will activate the device if anything moves into its area of coverage.  The total coverage area is 360M2.  You can change the settings if you need to control smaller animals such as rodents or birds.  There are three mode settings including:

Motion Sensor:  this is activated when pests are in range and are detected by the device.

Continuous Sweep:  This mode utilizes a wide range of ultrasonic and sonic frequencies at random intervals.  The motion detector does not function on this setting.  This is useful to repel a variety of pests.

Constant:  this setting will activate the sonic noises and the ultrasonic device which will cycle through a wide range of varying intervals.  If you use the constant setting the motion detector is automatically deactivated.

This useful device can be placed in a variety of locations including in the garden, in a carport, in workshops, under the eaves of your home, around your yard, in a campsite while you are camping, in a barn, on your rooftop, balcony, patio or porch.  You can also use the device in a ceiling cavity, in a greenhouse, near a pond or around a food storage area.  The control box is completely waterproof and has a remote control.  The device is also completely portable and can be powered with the use of four C cell batteries.

Possum repelling devices are a great choice because they get rid of possums and you do not have to worry about them creating a toxic environment for pets or for children.  It is time to use devices that are safe for your family and for your environment.  Do not settle for less, demand the best.  Pestrol has the solution ready for you with many devices that can drive away unwanted pests from your home.

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