How possums damaged native ecosystems?
How diseases spread?
How to trap with poison?

Possum control is a serious issue in Australia, particularly in residential areas where the population seems to have exploded. Possums seem to have very little to worry about when it comes to predators keeping their numbers down.

They prefer to take up residence under, around and near homes which can present a variety of problems for home owners.

How Possums damaged native ecosystems?

It seems that possums enjoy a wide variety of plants and are selective browsers. This leads to the destruction of certain plant varieties that occur naturally. The result is that this leaves a reduced food supply for native species which can disrupt the entire ecosystem. Possums also feed on the eggs of some native bird species which can seriously affect their ability to reproduce. By eliminating natural vegetation, possums tend to reduce the number of potential nesting sites.

Possum control is becoming more serious and urgent because possums are starting to threaten crops intended for human consumption. A family of possums can eradicate crops, decorative garden plants at domestic residences and injury or kill pets.

How diseases spread?

By acting as a wild vector (carrier) of bovine tuberculosis (BTb), the potential for widespread infection of domestic cattle and wild deer is increased. Farmers in local areas have to keep a close watch and manage herds to monitor them for disease and infection.

How to trap with poison?

While many property owners plan to capture possums with traps and poison bait, they often end up trapping native wildlife which can lead to a threat of population reduction for species at risk. Live traps should only be used by people who take proper safety precautions to avoid being bitten or scratched by possums.

Many home owners discover that they have a possum problem when they see scat on their outdoor pathways during the day time. Possums can also move towards a residence and eat any food scraps that are left around the home as well as pet food that is left outside where it is readily available. Once a home owner notices that there is a possum problem, they must look into methods of possum control that are the most effective in their situation.

Poison is not always the answer because it can also cause injury to domestic animals. And it is not always necessary to contact an expensive pest control company to get rid of possums. There are many methods that a home owner can use to deal with possum control using DIY methods that are much more affordable and a lot less invasive. Most of these methods will not harm the possum or put the residents at risk in any way.

The main objective with possum control is to identify a method that is effective and to use that method to ensure that possums are removed permanently from your residential premises. Always be on the lookout for signs of possums and take immediate steps to eliminate them from your home and yard. The longer these unwanted pests remain, the more damage they will do to your yard, your plants and potentially to your pets.

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