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  • BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer

    BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer


    BioChef Atlas Slow Juicer

    • Smallest footprint of any vertical juicer
    • 2 x juice screens made from Tritan material for fine and coarse juicing
    • Warranty: LIFETIME on motor, 5 years on parts
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  • BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer

    BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer


    BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer

    • New ‘Wide Mouth’ Style horizontal juicer
    • Offering Excellent Value & Quality
    • Excels at Juicing Wheatgrass, Celery, and Leafy Greens
    • Food Processor Functions – make pasta, dips, sorbet, and more
    • Pulp Ejection Nozzle – Extract MORE
    • Ultem and Tritan BPA – Free Parts
    • 20 Year Warranty on Motor / 10 Years on Parts
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  • BioChef High Performance Blender - QuartBioChef High Performance Blender - Front

    BioChef High Performance Blender


    BioChef High Performance Blender

    • BPA-Free Plastic Jug with New Upgraded Easy Grip Handle
    • Domestic 10 Year Warranty on Motor / 7 Years on Parts
    • Makes smoothies, hot soups, baby food, and much more
    • Food processor, ice cream maker, chopper, and ice crusher
    • Quieter Operation (85dB)
    • Benefit from the WHOLE food by pulverizing skins, peels, seeds, etc
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  • BioChef Nova Blender - Red FrontBioChef Nova Blender - Black Front

    BioChef Nova Blender


    BioChef Nova Blender

    • Easy to use one-touch controls
    • Powerful 1600-watt motor
    • Six pre-set programs + PULSE and variable speed buttons
    • Create smoothies, hot drinks, soups, and nut milk, all with the touch of a button
    • Advanced Japanese Stainless Steel Blade system operating at 28,000 RPM
    • 2 Litre BPA Free Tritan plastic jug
    • Impressive 10-year warranty on motor, 7 years on parts
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  • BioChef Quantum Cold Press Juicer - Quarter AngleBioChef Quantum Cold Press Juicer - Side Reverse

    BioChef Quantum Cold Press Juicer


    BioChef Quantum Cold Press Juicer

    • Newest model and sleek, modern design!
    • 6.5cm x 3cm mouth
    • Maximum rated power 400-watt induction motor
    • Longer continuous juicing time
    • Dishwasher safe parts for an easy cleanup
    • Includes Fine, Extra Fine, and Coarse strainers PLUS Sorbet Strainer
    • Warranty: Lifetime on Motor & 5 Years on Parts
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  • Enzyme Wizard Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner - 1L Spray
  • Enzyme Wizard Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner - 5L
  • Enzyme Wizard Heavy Duty Floor & Surface Cleaner - 1L
  • Enzyme Wizard HD Floor & Surface Cleaner - 5L
  • Enzyme Wizard Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser - 1L Spray
  • Enzyme Wizard Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser - 5L
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    Bird Spikes NarrowBird Spikes Narrow

    Pestrol Narrow Base Anti Bird Spikes

    (15) from: $8.90 from: $8.00

    Humane and effective anti-bird spikes

    • Low visibility to preserve building aesthetics
    • Easy installation into tighter areas
    • Durable: made of sturdy transparent polycarbonate
    • Flexible: easy to mount on curved surfaces

    Pestrol Anti Bird Spikes are a versatile range of precision engineered bird spike designed to provide effective and humane control of problem urban birds. The upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ act as a physical barrier to the birds, preventing them from landing or roosting on ledges, without hurting them. The clever design provides the solution to virtually every situation where birds are a problem.

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    Bird Repelling SpikesBird Repelling Spikes - 1 Metre-530

    Bird Repelling Spikes – Vertical

    (3) from: $8.90 from: $8.00

    These bird repelling spikes are designed specifically to provide protection against all forms of Birds from landing or roosting.

    These spikes are designed so that the spikes point directly upwards, this prevents birds from being able to manoeuvre across the base of the spike which can be the case with more conventional bird spikes.

    Length of base: 50cm
    Length of spike: 12cm

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    bird spikes per metreAustralian bird spike importer

    Bird Spikes – Zig Zag Wide Base

    (4) from: $10.90 from: $9.90

    Buy Bird Spikes Per Metre

    • Great for most applications.
    • Long-lasting polycarbonate.
    • Easy to Install
    • Transparent

    Protect your building from pigeons, starlings and gulls with Pestrol’s bird spikes in 1-meter strips. This easy to install and maintain bird deterrent will keep birds off your structures permanently. Their durable construction, that uses stainless steel and UV-protected polycarbonate, ensures that these spikes do not need replacement anytime soon.

    Commercial customers who need large quantities, please call Pestrol on 1800 33 88 88 or e-mail us at sales@pestrol.com.au for quotation on bigger orders.

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    bird spikesFull stainless steel bird spikes

    Pestrol Stainless Steel Bird Spikes – 1m

    (14) from: $13.90 from: $11.95

    Get rid of birds from buildings and other structures using Pestrol Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

    • Completely made of stainless steel (base included) for durability and low visibility.
    • Will not rust
    • Effective yet humane
    • They can be used to bird proof windowsills, beams, roof ledges, signs and other places that birds could perch.
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  • seagull bird spikesbird deterrents
  • solar panel bird spikes
  • Extra Dense Bird SpikesExtra Dense Bird Spikes

    Extra Dense Bird Spikes – 1 Metre


    Durable and Longer Lasting

    Easy Installation

    Lightweight and Reliable

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  • Gutter Bird Spikesgutter_bird_spikes_stainless_steel

    Gutter Bird Spikes – Stainless Steel

    (1) $9.90

    Gutter Bird Spikes 1 metre by Pestrol

    20 years in the business.

    Look at our full range of bird repelling spikes.

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  • Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Narrowanti-bird spikes installed

    Stainless Steel Bird Spikes – Narrow

    (2) $9.90

    Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Narrow – 1 Metre

    Pestrol Australia have been involved in selling bird spikes in Australia for over 20 years.

    Often supplied to airports, councils, commercial building companies, hospitals, train stations and much more.

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