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    Fence Spikes to repel unwanted animals

    Fence Spikes – Cat and Possum Humane Repelling Spikes. 50cm piece.

    (12) from: $4.40

    Pestrol Fence and Wall spikes are a great way to keep your pets in and other pests out.

    • Strong Polypropylene
    • Designed for only discomfort and not injury.
    • UV Treated and Weather resistant
    • Flexible strips that can be cut for any purpose.


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  • Sale!
    Flexible plastic spikes

    Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes – 50cm piece

    (12) from: $4.40

    Welcoming the new Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes!

    The new design with cleverly constructed hinges allowing each strip to follow the contours of any surface. It is just what you need to keep those pesky animals and intruders out of your yard.

    Perfect for stopping cats, possums and birds from damaging your yard.


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  • Anti Climb Fence Spikes for Cats and Possums - Clear

    Anti Climb Fence Spikes for Cats and Possums – Clear 5 Metre Pack


    Use these anti-climb fence spikes for cats, possums & birds to stop them from entering your property from over the top of the fence.

    5 Metre Pack Clear

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  • fence spikes largelarge fence and wall spikes

    Large Fence and Wall Spikes – 50cm piece

    (5) $9.90

    Large Flexible Plastic Fence and Wall Spikes

    Perfect to deter animal and human intruders.

    Tough, durable and flexible.

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  • Thorny Devil Importer for AustraliaThorny Devil Importer for Australia

    Fence Spikes – 45cm Piece – Thorny Devil

    (11) $4.40

    Effective fence spikes

    Are you sick of animals ruining your fence and back yard? Causing damage to your garden they shouldn’t be? Terrifying your own animals in their home?
    Use fence spikes as not only an economical way of riding yourself of pests but a safe way.

    Fence spikes are strips of low profile PVS. The sharp spikes cause such animals as Cats, Possums and Birds discomfort without causing them harm. As a result the animals avoid the areas where the spikes are placed!

    Leaving you to enjoy a Pest free yard and fence!

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  • Wall Spikesthorny devil flat section wall spike

    Wall Spikes – Cats and Possums – Flat Section

    (3) $4.40

    Wall Spikes – Flat Section – Thorny Devil.

    Individual product dimensions:
    210 mm (L) x 90 mm (W)

    A perfect way to repel cats and possums as well as keeping your family safe by stopping intruders climbing over walls and fences.

    UV protected – humane and covered by Pestrol’s 12-month warranty.

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  • Possum repelling spikespossum control spikes

    Possum Repelling Spikes

    (5) $6.50

    Possum Repelling Spikes

    UV Stabilised control spike for possums and cats.

    Material: UV-resistant Polycarbonate (PC)
    Length: 500 mm
    Height: 175 mm
    Width: 33 mm
    Spike Height: 150 mm (6 inches)
    Spike Tip Radius: 2 mm (low harm)

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