The need for mosquito repellents is becoming an essential part of every person’s fight to keep blood-sucking mosquitoes away. We all need to take mosquito control seriously because not only are these insects highly annoying and invasive, they can also spread diseases. Start repelling mosquitoes now with our range of chemical-free mosquito repellent products.

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Mosquito Repellents

If you’re indoors and worried about some mosquitoes floating around, waiting to dine on you in your sleep, repel them with pleasant ultrasonic oil diffusers. It’s like aroma therapy and a mosquito repellent in one.

Mosquitoes really hate scents like citronella, lavender and lemon grass, so use these effective oils in our range of diffusers.

Both indoors or outdoors you can put a very handy sonic mosquito repellent to good use. These are battery operated and emit sound waves that repel nasty mosquitoes. You can even take them camping or fishing with you. It’s yet another line of mosquito defence.

These days there are even specialised wrist bands you can wear that are effective at repelling the mosquito. Great for when you’re mobile and don’t want to cover yourself in insect repellent.

A really cool idea – and these are fantastic for outdoors at home or while camping – is the Thermacell Mosquito Lantern. These lanterns repel bugs, including mosquitoes, and they are also a very handy, ambient light source. They are effective for a 21 square metre radius.

With Pestrol’s range of mosquito repellents, we’ve got everything you need to be protected against mosquitoes all year round.