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There is nothing more Australian than having Kangaroos in our beautiful country. However, not all Kangaroos are cute and cuddly. Driving in our rural and even urban streets can pose a significant risk and potentially fatal results to both Kangaroos and to people.  Pestrol supplies air generated sounding devices to apply to your vehicle to assist with repelling skippy from up to 2kms. Furthermore, Kangaroos can cause damage in our homes, to our crops and even to people. We have humane deterrent devices to assist.

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  • Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller

    Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller – Hopper Stopper

    (1) $24.90

    Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller

    This simple device that gets mounted onto the front of your car will reduce the likelihood of a collision between animals and vehicle by up to 80%


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  • ShuRoo Kangaroo Deterrent

    ShuRoo Sonic Animal Guards – Black 2 pack

    (1) $9.90

    Kangaroo Vehicle Guard

    Take an extra step to ensure that your family and animals are safe by greatly reducing the risk of animals being hit by vehicle on our roads.

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  • ShuRoo Kangaroo Repellers

    ShuRoo Sonic Animal Guards – Silver 2 pack


    Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller

    Take an extra step to ensure that your family and animals are safe by greatly reducing the risk of animals being hit by a vehicle on our roads.

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  • foxlightsfoxlights

    Foxlights – Fox Predator Deterrent – Solar Powered

    (4) from: $119.90

    Repel dangerous foxes from your livestock or keep your pets safe.

    The FoxLights are used to scare and repel foxes humanely and quickly.

    New to Pestrol this fox deterrent is Australia’s number 1 predatory repeller.

    Delivery time: 2-3 days Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne / Rest of Australia 5-7 business days.

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  • Solar Ultrasonic RepellerSolar Ultrasonic Repeller

    Pestrol Solar Animal Away – Elite

    (14) $159.90

    Pestrol Solar Animal Away Elite

    The latest technology in solar powered animal repelling that includes sonic and ultrasonic capabilities.

    Functions included:

    • 25metre Motion Detection range.
    • Sonic and Ultrasonic settings
    • Flashing Stobe light deterrent
    • Can be powered by alkaline batteries in low light environments.
    • Either hang on a fence, place on a wall or use supplied stake
    • Multiple settings for varying animals
    • Targets: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Possums, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets and much more.
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  • Solar Animal Water repellerSpray animal away solar

    Animal Water Repeller – Solar

    (8) $149.90

    Pestrol Animal Water Repeller – Solar

    New and improved.

    Remove unwanted animals from your backyard.

    Better quality and no leaking to ensure your property is safe.

    30 day money back guarantee.

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  • Sale!
    Bird and Wildlife Scare Cannon
  • D-Ter Animal & Bird RepellentD-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent

    D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent

    from: $15.90

    Effectively persuades pets, birds & wildlife to stop fouling your home & garden.

    • Not harmful to humans, animals or birds
    • Easy to mix & spray, can be used in general areas & buildings
    • Lasts up to 12 weeks & has No unpleasant odour
    • Acts on the animal’s sense of smell & taste, proven to be a highly effective repellent

    Choose from 100g, 1kg or 4kg value pack.

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Kangaroo Concerns in Australia + Quick Facts

  • Increasing numbers of Kangaroos are a risk for our safety and their safety on our roads.
  • Kangaroos can damage property, including fences, crops and even attack members of the public
  • There are more Kangaroos in Australia than people. (44 million)
  • A Red Kangaroo can reach speeds of over 65km/h.

Pestrol’s Kangaroo Control Products

  • Kangaroo deterrents
  • Kangaroo scarers
  • Sound repellers
  • Kangaroo Water jet repellers
  • Vehicle Kangaroo Repellers