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    Water Distillerwaterwise 9000

    Water Distiller – Pure Magic – Waterwise 9000

    (1) $699.00 $594.00

    This compact, no installation required Water Distiller is perfect for the home or office!

    • Water purification by steam distillation and carbon filtration effectively removes in excess of 99.8 PERCENT of most Tap water impurities
    • Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as Bacteria, Dissolved solids, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Giardia, etc
    • Produces clean fresh water that tastes FANTASTIC!  This distiller produces approximately 4L of purified water every 4.5 hours.
    • Automatic shut-off after each cycle
    • A Recessed heating base reduces yucky scale buildup
    • All Units, Optional Accessories and Spare Parts are available right here in our showroom in Sydney – No sending overseas required!
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  • hospital grade air purifier

    Air Purifier Hospital Grade – Vectothor Air 160


    Hospital Grade Air Filter

    Our new Hospital Grade Air Purifier is part of Pestrol’s new Health Range of products. Limited Stock 

    • 3 in 1 cleaning process
    • Disinfects and purifies the air up to 99.9%
    • VIRUSES, bacteria, moulds and other microorganisms that are present in the air are rendered harmless and are removed from the air

    Start eliminating the dangers lurking in the air around your home or workplace.

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  • distiller cleaner

    Distiller Cleaner – Still Clean


    Distiller Cleaner – Still Clean

    A 1kg Container of Still Clean Descaler & Cleaner, for use with any Water Distiller / Boiler / Kettle.

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  • Pure magic water distiller filters

    Pure Magic Water Distiller Filters – 6 Pack Carbon Filters – Waterwise 9000


    6pk of Carbon filters to fit Pure Magic, Waterwise 9000 and Dove Distillers.

    Replacement filters (x6) for the Pure Magic / Nautilus / Dove Water Distillers.

    All of our water distillers come with 1x activated coconut charcoal filter. This gives the distilled water a ‘clean’ taste.

    We recommend that you change the activated coconut charcoal every 1 to 3 months. The carbon filter removes volatile organic chemicals, tastes, odours and chlorine that distillation does not remove.

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  • Water Distiller Spout Filters

    Water Distiller Spout Filters x 6


    Water Wizard and Waterwise 4000 Replacement Post Carbon Filters – 6 Pack

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