Are foxes causing trouble on your property? Looking for non-lethal fox control solutions?Foxes can be lots of trouble when they intrude into your property. They will damage your lawn and garden, defecate on your property, and could cause your pet to behave erratically when they “mark” your property as part of their territory. Additionally, these wild canines could turn hostile posing the risk of being bitten to you and yours.

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Fox Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Fox poop
  • Dug up ground
  • Seeing the animal on your property
  • Damaged plants
  • Paw prints
  • Foxes mark their territory using pee and poop
  • Foxes could have rabies
  • Foxes usually have other smaller pests like ticks and fleas
  • They can introduce these pests to your property

Pestrol’s fox control products

  • Sound repellers (sonic and ultrasonic)
  • Water jet repellers
  • Fox traps
  • Light repellers