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Cats have an ability to hear higher – pitched ultrasonic sound, which make it an effective way to repel them from unwanted areas.

Pestrol offers a range of different electronic cat repellers that you can choose from.

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    Anti Cat MatDeter cats and dogs from digging in your property

    Anti Cat Mat – Cat Removal Mat – Humane

    (11) $34.90 $29.90

    Anti Cat and Dog Mats

    Deter your friendly cats and dogs from digging up your property or scratching your furniture.


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  • Refective Eyes Animal Scarercat decoy

    Reflective Eyes Animal Scarer – 4 Pack


    Deter troublesome animals from destroying your property.


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    Pestrol Possum RepellerPestrol Possum Repeller

    Pestrol Possum Away – Possum Repeller

    (31) $199.00 $149.90
    Effective Possum Repeller

    The Pestrol Possum Away repels pests by using ultrasonic sounds generated from the units as well as utilising a strobe light. A further optional audible setting is available if required.

    We provide:

    • A 30-day money back guarantee and 1 Year Warranty
    • A free customer support hotline for queries and assistance.
    • Same day dispatch for quick delivery.

    This an exceptional possum deterrent.

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    Solar Animal RepellerCat Repeller

    Solar Animal Repeller – Eliminator

    (9) $119.90 $89.90

    The Pestrol Solar Animal Repeller is very effective at scaring and removing pests from your property.

    Immediate dispatch.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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  • fox deterrentfoxlights

    Fox Deterrent – Humane – Effective Night Predator Repeller

    (4) from: $119.90

    Start repelling foxes from your property.

    The Fox Lights are used to scare and repel foxes humanely and quickly.

    New to Pestrol this fox deterrent is Australia’s number 1 predatory repeller.

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  • foxlightsfoxlights

    Foxlights – Fox Predator Deterrent – Solar Powered

    (5) from: $119.90

    Repel dangerous foxes from your livestock or keep your pets safe.

    The FoxLights are used to scare and repel foxes humanely and quickly.

    New to Pestrol this fox deterrent is Australia’s number 1 predatory repeller.

    Delivery time: 2-3 days Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne / Rest of Australia 5-7 business days.

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  • Cat Repellerrepel unwanted animals

    Solar Cat Repeller

    (10) $89.90

    Control and repel cats with our new solar cat Repeller.

    If cats are using your garden and using it for their bathroom needs. Time to repel cats humanely with our specifically designed cat Repeller.

    How to get rid of cats has never been so easy.

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  • Solar Animal Water repellerSpray animal away solar

    Animal Water Repeller – Solar

    (9) $149.90

    Pestrol Animal Water Repeller – Solar

    New and improved.

    Remove unwanted animals from your backyard.

    Better quality and no leaking to ensure your property is safe.

    30 day money back guarantee.

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    new animal and possum repeller for australiahow to get rid of possums

    Pestrol Possum Defender

    (2) $159.90 $129.90

    This new Pestrol Possum Defender is our latest addition for repelling possums.

    • IT’S EASY & FAST: Save your time for something fun! Pestrol Possum Defender sets up anywhere in about 5 minutes and will cover 350 SQM.
    • IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY: Prevent costly damage to your home and property, including your backyard, garden, vehicle, roofing and attic.
    • IT’S SAFE: Beathe easy knowing your family won’t have to use toxic chemicals, dangerous poisons, or messy traps
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted with solid plastic, the waterproof unit withstands snow, rain, wind and anything in between.
    • WATERPROOF: Hang it on the wall, 24W bigger power output with 3 speakers, can also connect 2 speakers outside.
    • TF CARD: Pre-loaded with three different soundtracks to frighten animals.  You can record or download additional sounds to customise your defender to the pests you wish to repel.
    • IT’S GUARANTEED:  You are fully covered by our exclusive 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  We understand that every situation is different, and our #1 goal is to make sure you love our products just as much as we do.
    • MULTIPLE SETTINGS: Pestrol Possom Defender has three power settings, HIGH, MED and LOW, projecting random bursts of ultrasonic sound in the frequency range 13-25KHz.


    • Possums                      Birds
    • Cats                               Dogs
    • Foxes                             Kangaroo
    • Ducks                            Rabbits

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  • D-Ter Animal & Bird RepellentD-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent

    D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent

    (3) from: $15.90

    Effectively persuades pets, birds & wildlife to stop fouling your home & garden.

    • Not harmful to humans, animals or birds
    • Easy to mix & spray, can be used in general areas & buildings
    • Lasts up to 12 weeks & has No unpleasant odour
    • Acts on the animal’s sense of smell & taste, proven to be a highly effective repellent

    Choose from 100g, 1kg or 4kg value pack.

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  • Outdoor Solar LightOutdoor Solar Light

    Outdoor Solar Light (LED) – Solarmate

    (3) $39.90

    A very strong and effective Outdoor Solar light that is perfect to scare off intruders, both humans and animals.

    Motion Activated / Super Bright / Long Lasting / 12 month warranty.

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Quick Facts

What Frequency can cats hear?

Cats can detect frequency from 55Hz up to 79kHz.

Some cats are more susceptible to the Ultrasonic Sound then others.  Based on the breed, age, size, and just the general nature of the cat.

Can Ultrasonic Sound harm cats or other pets?

The sound will not harm them but deter them.

How long do ultrasonic pest repellers last?

This is an electronic device that does not have an expiration time, just like any other electrical appliance. Pestrol offers 12 months warranty.