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If you need traps for pigeons and Myna birds, Pestrol offers easy solutions with bird traps.

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    Pigeon Trap – Foldable – Humane – Pestrol Australia

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    • Effective and humane Pigeon Trap to remove unwanted birds.
    • 2 one way entries for the birds to get in, but not get out.
    • Approximately 10 bird capacity.
    • Galvanised mesh
    • Easy removal of captured birds


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  • Mini Myna Magnet-0Mini Myna Magnet-0

    Mini Myna Magnet



    This is the original, Australian made Mini Myna Magnet.  Australia’s number one trap design for Indian Myna birds.  

    This trap also includes water dispensers, a solid roof and a perch.

    400mm x 800mm x 800mm

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  • Pigeon Magnet Trap-0Pigeon Magnet Trap-0

    Pigeon Magnet Trap



    Following in the footsteps of the successful Myna Magnet, the Pigeon Magnet is a durable, collapsible and commercial size trapping solution for reducing feral pigeon populations. This trap has successfully and humanely assisted facilities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with the removal of this disease carrying species. Trapping pigeons is easy, safe, and discrete.

    • 1 perch
    • Assembly clips
    • Instructions
    • 600mm x700mm x 700mm


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