How to get rid of, Rodents

How Can I Get Rid of Rodents

Rodent on the top of leaves

How Do I Get Rid Of Rodents?

The rodent family includes both mice and rats, and none of us wants these vermin setting up residence in our homes.

Why Are Rodents An Issue In Australia?

Rodents can spread diseases due to the very nature of the environments they like to hang out in, such as dirty drains in the street, garbage and many other unsanitary areas.
Once they set up residence in your home they will eat your food, potentially chew through electrical wires, leave dirty droppings all over the place, not to mention possibly scaring people when they suddenly scurry from one place to the next.
Rodents can cause damage in the home as well as increase the possibility of illness.

How Do I Get Rid Of Rodents?

Getting a cat is one way you could keep the population of mice and rats down. Apart from catching and killing rodents, cats also act as a deterrent for rodents. It’s one of their natural enemies.
There are many forms of rodent bait on the market, so you could try placing these in known rodent hot spots around your house if you suspect you have a rat or mouse problem. While generally safe, you’ll want to ensure rodent baits are out of reach of small children and pets.
Another tip is to keep your home as clean as possible and don’t leave dog or cat food out overnight. This will attract these pests. Also, keep all food in the kitchen either in the fridge or in plastic or glass containers in the pantry.
Mouse or rat traps are another option for reducing the rodent population, although you really have to be careful where you place these if you have little ones or pets.

How Can Pestrol Help With Rodent Control?

Pestrol stocks a range of rodent control products and products that repel rodents, so don’t put up with a rodent problem any longer.

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