How often have you been kept up in the middle of the night because of possums running around on your roof top?

Well many of the customers who ring us up have had that very problem here in Australia.

From what we get told, if you have an iron roof – you are in big trouble.

The 2 products that we recommend are the:

  1. Pestrol Possum Trap
  2. Electronic Possum Repeller

The humane possum trap. Is an easy to assemble (no tools required) humane possum trap. In Australia you can catch possums for release. It is important to take them at least 500 metres away when you release them, as possums can find there way back home. We find from the feedback received from our customers Australia wide, that apples and pet food are the best possum bait.

The electronic possum repeller or Pestrol Possum Away is an ultrasonic possum / bird  repeller. This possum repelling device sends out an ultrasonic frequency that can be adjusted for maxiumum results. The control of possums couldn’t be easier with our Possum Away device. This product can run on mains power or on batteries.

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