Wasp Nest Decoy


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Wasp Nest Decoy

Use our lifelike Wasp Nest Decoys to stop wasps building a nest near your home. Enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.

Chemical free pest control deterrent.

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Wasp Nest Decoy

A Wasp Nest Decoy is the perfect addition to your property to ensure you keep wasps, hornets and yellow jackets from building a nest close to your home.

  • EFFECTIVE VISUAL DETERRENT: The simulated original Wasp Nest Decoy relies on wasps’ natural instinctive and territorial behavior to avoid building new nests within a 200 ft. radius of a competing existing colony. Helps to prevent wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets from building new nests provided there are no existing nests in the area!
  • MULTIPLE DECOY NESTS: Durable paper-like artificial wasp nests constructed from weather-resistant cotton and bamboo fiber blend; each hanging wasp deterrent measures 22cm in diameter with a height of 28 cm.
  • NON-TOXIC CHEMICAL-FREE: Stop using toxic chemical sprays and foams that have a limited effect and rely on repeated use. Keep children, pets, and everyone else safe within your outdoor living area while enjoying time together outside.
  • QUICK EASY TO DEPLOY: Simply hang your Wasp Nest Decoy under eaves, decks, dense tree canopy or any other protected outdoor area with a limited amount of rain and moisture. Then sit back, relax, and appreciate a sting-free BBQ, pool party, family get together, and more.
  • PERFECT NO-KILL NO-TRAP SOLUTION: Both hornets and some species of wasps provide vital pest control services within an ecosystem and feed on other nuisance insects such as aphids mosquitos. Killing social wasps with traditional high maintenance traps is counterproductive as this only encourages more wasp activity! Trapped or dead wasps may release alarm pheromones in which fellow wasps then arrive to investigate and attack the perceived danger.

Note: It is important to clear out any existing wasp nests prior to hanging on of our Wasp deterent Nest Decoys.
Made from a paper-like material constructed from cotton and bamboo fiber, the has some limited resistance to weather and is sensitive to rain and moisture. When weather conditions are not favorable it is advised that the should be taken indoors.


Material: Cotton & Bamboo Fiber
Color: As Shown
Size: Approx. 22*28cm

Package Included:

1 x Simulated Wasp Nest
1 x Metal Frame
1 x String


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