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Wall Spikes – Cats and Possums – Flat Section


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Wall Spikes – Flat Section – Thorny Devil.

Individual product dimensions:
210 mm (L) x 90 mm (W)

A perfect way to repel cats and possums as well as keeping your family safe by stopping intruders climbing over walls and fences.

UV protected – humane and covered by Pestrol’s 12-month warranty.

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Wall Spikes – Cats and Possums Deterrent Spikes – Flat Section

Wall Spikes are becoming more popular in Australia now for security benefits as they are for deterring cats and possums. Either way, our Thorny Devil Wall and Fence Spikes are a perfect solution for both.

Individual product dimensions:
210 mm (L) x 90 mm (W)

Our Thorny Devil Flat Section spikes are similar dimensions to the common house brick with channels and groove in the back for simple cutting, flexibility and extra bonding strength. With warm water our Wall Spikes can be molded to almost any shape.

Easy to install and can be attached with silicon. The Thorny Devil Flat Section Spikes are designed for maximum discomfort without unnecessary harm. Start protecting your backyard from intruders and also keeping possums and cats away. UV-stabilised to ensure the maximum life expectancy and durability in Australia’s harsh climate.

Need a narrow low lying wall spike, make sure to have a look at our Pestrol Narrow Wall Spike.


  • Blocks
  • Stone
  • Brick and Stucco Walls
  • Steel girders



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