Spider Catcher - Small (40cm in length)-0
Spider Catcher - Small (40cm in length)-246
Spider Catcher - Small (40cm in length)-244
Spider Catcher - Small (40cm in length)-0

Spider Catcher – Small (40cm in length)


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Remove unwanted spiders with ease.

40cm in length.

Without Chemicals – catch and release.

Not only spiders, but remove moths, cockroaches and much more. Also known as the bug gun.

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To pick up the spider you need to do the following:
The smaller spider catcher is only 40cm in length – the standard spider catcher is 65cm in length

1 – Squeeze the handle or lever so the plastic bristles open.
2 – Position the open bristles over the insect you wish to capture.
3 – Swiftly release the handel so the bristles close.
4 – Pull the captive insect away from the surface
5 – To release the insect squeeze the lever so the bristles reopen.



Size: 40 x 18 x 2cm

Weight: 146g


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