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Solar Animal Repeller

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The Pestrol Solar Animal Repeller is very effective at scaring and removing pests from your property.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Solar Animal Repeller

Solar Animal Repeller is the new and improved Animal Repeller from Pestrol and will effectively remove the following animals through humane ultrasonic waves:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • birds
  • rodents
  • rabbits

Place the unit in a location where it will get maximum access to sunlight and then set and forget.

Pestrol has also a larger more advanced version solar animal deterrent called: Solar Animal Away Elite.

Protecting your backyard / lawn / patio area has never been so easy. The Solar Powered Animal Repeller will emit a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound upon detection.


  • Water resistant
  • Solar powered
  • 2 adjustable knobs for
    • Ultrasonic frequency
    • Sensitivity
  • 4 x AA rechargeable batteries – supplied
  • long-lasting.


Size: 13 x 11 x 9cm

Weight: 302g

animal repeller

2 reviews for Solar Animal Repeller

  1. Dianne

  2. Luisa

    This is the second one I have purchased and it does the job beautifully.

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  • Solar Ultrasonic RepellerSolar Ultrasonic Repeller

    Pestrol Solar Animal Away – Elite


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    Pestrol Solar Animal Away Elite

    The latest technology in solar powered animal repelling that includes sonic and ultrasonic capabilities.

    Functions included:

    • 25metre Motion Detection range.
    • Sonic and Ultrasonic settings
    • Flashing Stobe light deterrent
    • Can be powered by alkaline batteries in low light environments.
    • Either hang on a fence, place on a wall or use supplied stake
    • Multiple settings for varying animals
    • Targets: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Possums, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets and much more.
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    Leaving you to enjoy a Pest free yard and fence!

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