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Solar Animal Repeller
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Solar Animal Repeller – Eliminator

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The Pestrol Solar Animal Repeller is very effective at scaring and removing pests from your property.

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Solar Animal Repeller – Eliminator

Solar Animal Repeller is the new and improved Animal Repeller from Pestrol and will effectively remove the following animals through humane ultrasonic waves:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Rodents
  • Rabbits

Place the unit in a location where it will get maximum access to sunlight and then set and forget.

Pestrol has also a larger more advanced version solar animal deterrent called: Solar Animal Away Elite.

Protecting your backyard/lawn/patio area has never been so easy. The Solar Powered Animal Repeller will emit a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound upon detection.


  • Water-resistant
  • Solar-powered
  • 2 adjustable knobs for
    • Ultrasonic frequency
    • Sensitivity
  • 4 x AA rechargeable batteries – supplied
  • long-lasting.

Why choose the Solar Animal Eliminator?

  • A solar-powered pest repeller, so no power source required.
  • Keeps pests like cats, Dogs, larger birds, possums, rodents, etc away.
  • Majorly used in specific areas like veggie gardens, flower beds, lawns, patios etc.
  • This device has a motion sensor that activates the device whenever pests come in the range.
  • It has a detection range of 5-9 metres.
  • Technologies used by Solar Animal Eliminator are Ultrasonic sounds and strong flashing LED which together are enough to scare away animals and birds.
  • The device comes with an attachable stainless steel stake which can be easily pushed into the ground.
  • Device runs on solar power which in turn charges the rechargeable batteries. (batteries included)
  • An USB cable is included with the device to charge the device which is of great use in cloudy weather.
  • 12 Month Warranty

How does the Solar Animal Eliminator work?

Ultrasonic sound waves – The unit produces strong ultrasonic waves to frighten the animals. The sound is produced when an animal comes in the detection range of the device. These sound waves make the animal feel uncomfortable and they tend to leave. These sounds are above the normal hearing range of most people.
Strong flashing LED – The LED light can be activated if one of the + frequencies is selected on the device and it flashes whenever an animal comes in the detection range of the device.

Setup Instructions:

  • When you unbox the device, you will find screws & a stake which needs to be attached to the device.
  • Place the unit pointed towards the area you want to protect (For example, in the garden, against the wall or fence).
  • Remember to choose a place where solar panel at the top of the device can get enough sunlight.
  • If you mount the device in the ground, insert the spike into the ground and leave the spike 12cm or more above the ground.
  • The device can also be mounted on a wall or on a fence.

What settings should I use:

There are two controls on the front face of Solar Animal Eliminator.
Sensitivity – The device automatically activates when sensing the animal entering the area. The device can be set to 7 sensitivity settings. Setting ‘7’ detects motion up to 30 feet away; each lower setting decreases its distance sensitivity. So select your desired sensitivity setting.
Frequency – You can adjust the frequency depending on which pest you want to repel. By turning the knob clockwise, you increase the frequency. By default, the knob is on OFF.

Mode selected on the knobFrequencyAnimals to repel
L30-60KHzMice, rats, squirrels, rabbits, larger birds, etc
M25-50KHzMedium-sized animals like cats, small dogs
H15-24KHzLarge animals like large dogs etc
L+, M+, H+Ultrasonic sounds as above plus flashing LED lightsSame animals as L,M,H as described above.

Things to Note:

  1. The device is waterproof but do not immerse it into the water. Immersing into water may damage it.
  2. Some humans may hear the ultrasonic sounds when its set at the lowest frequency. If you hear the sound, increase the frequency to a higher level.
  3. For optimum solar charging efficiency, it is recommended to clean the solar panel from dust and dirt once in 2-3 months. For best results wipe clean with a damp cloth using a small smear of WD 40 or Silicon.


Size: 13 x 11 x 9cm

Weight: 302g



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    This is the second one I have purchased and it does the job beautifully.

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