ShuRoo Sonic Animal Guards – Silver 2 pack


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Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller

Take an extra step to ensure that your family and animals are safe by greatly reducing the risk of animals being hit by a vehicle on our roads.


ShuRoo Sonic Animal Guards – Silver 2 pack.

New from Pestrol is Our ShuRoo Kangaroo Repellers. These sonic animal repellers that aid in reducing the likelihood of animals-vehicle collisions. Airflow passing through the units generate a high-frequency sound. This sound is generated when the vehicle goes in excess of 50kph. When the conditions are favourable, ie long flat and straight roads, the ultrasonic sound can be heard up to 2km away.

Anyone living in an area with high wildlife numbers or just keen travellers around Australia, this product is for you.

Works with:

  • Kangaroos
  • Dogs
  • Cats

We also have these Sonic Animal Guards in Black

Regrettably, we can’t provide a 100% success rate with this product as wild animals act according to instincts, however, this product will greatly reduce the likelihood of Vehicle-Animal collisions








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