Pestrol snake and toad repellers x2
Pestrol snake and toad repellers x2
(15 customer reviews)

Pestrol Snake Repeller x 2


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Pestrol Electronic Snake Repeller will help protect your home and loved ones from these potentially deadly creatures. Pestrol Snake Repeller will stand guard and help protect your home day and night.

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Snake Repellers

Pestrol is the largest alternative pest control supplier of DIY pest control solutions Australia wide.

Pestrol has been selling Snake Repellers for over 8 years. One of the first companies to bring them into Australia.

Whilst there are many variations in the market place and cheaper products: make sure you check off the following:

  1. Pestrol’s new model snake repeller has the ability to change rechargeable batteries. Many cheaper versions you are unable to do so.
  2. You have the option of sound and vibration or just vibration. If you live in an area with close neighbours it will not take long before they let you know how annoying the sound is. Many cheap versions only have 1 option: Sound and vibration feature.
  3. Our snake repeller has one of the strongest motors in the market place: making for better vibration and greater effectiveness.
  4. Our materials are UV treated and protected for long lasting use.
  5. Pestrol has carried out numerous water blasting tests to ensure the seals around the solar panel are the best in their class. Many customers complain other units purchased stop working after the first rain shower.
  6. Latest solar panel technology for faster charging and more energy.
  7. All Pestrol products are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  8. Australian customer service hotline 1800 33 88 88

From Spring to Autumn numerous young snakes will be emerging and looking for new territories and older larger snakes will be out trying to establish territories in which to breed, and later in the year looking for places in which to spend the cooler months.

Stop them now before they get established around your home. Pestrol Electronic Snake Repeller will help protect your home and loved ones from these potentially deadly creatures. Pestrol Snake Repeller will stand guard and help protect your home day and night.
The pestrol solar powered snake repeller works by ultrasonic and electrical vibrations through the ground. Snakes pick up any vibrations through the receptors in their skin, process as danger and move away.
Pestrol snake repellent covers an area approximately 35sqm in all directions.
The unit includes 2 x rechargeable AA batteries with an approximate lifespan of 3 years.
When placing the units ensure they are in an area with maximum sun exposure to ensure complete recharging during sunlight hours.
Often 2 are purchased together, to create a barrier at one end of the property that may lead into a swamp / open grass land / forest area.
The Best Snake Repellent Available. Get Rid of Snakes Now. Keep your property safe and keep the snakes away.
Do not try and kill snakes and risk possible serious injury, repel them instead.


Do Snake Repellers Work?

  • snake vibration device
  • solar powered

Most snakes are quite shy and the last thing they want is a confrontation with a human. When walking through long grass or forested areas, people will often whack sticks on the ground to create noise and vibration, alerting any snakes to their presence so they can flee.

Pestrol Snake Repellers work very much on the same principle, either with a combination of sound and vibration, or vibration only. Snakes are super sensitive to vibrations and will tend to retreat when they sense anything other than their usual prey and will consider it a threat.

So, a snake vibration device that’s solar powered will do an excellent job of keeping snakes away.

Pestrol snake repellers units are an effective deterrent but they are not 100% foolproof. Snakes are wild animals and unpredictable creatures. Always take care in any outdoor areas where snakes may be present.

Size: 33.5 x 13 x 13cm
Weight: 347g

15 reviews for Pestrol Snake Repeller x 2

  1. Terry

    Haven’t seen any more snakes

  2. Harry

    Seems to be working. Haven’t seen any snakes despite being next to Garigal National Park

  3. Farshad Yeganeh

  4. Suzanne

    Seem to be working fine – no snake sightings!

  5. Anonymous

    Product arrived before the due date :was simple to assemble and install.

  6. Teresa

  7. Craig F.

    Installed for a few months. Been through some heavy downpour storms. Totally dry and working well. Outdone the other brand that always filled up with water. So far no snakes.

  8. Robyn Buckland

    finally a snake repellant product that seems quality and love the idea that the head can be removed easily and everything is contained in the head which after all the rain we have had , doesn’t leak in any way. very happy

  9. Kathy

  10. Mario Napoleone

    Haven’t installed it yet! Been too busy!

  11. jaine

  12. Joan D.

    Too early to comment. We have installed the units in our garden and hope that the snakes keep away. We have sighted a couple of tiger snakes around in the area and hope the repellors keep them away from our property.

  13. Steve

  14. Michelle E.

  15. Deb Freeney

    I have not seen a snake in my backyard since I placed the two snake repellers. This gives me confidence in walking down my backyard. But I may still wear my gum boots just in case.

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