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The Pet Laundry formula is perfect for washing your pet’s toys and bed. Not only helping your pet’s belongings to last longer but killing germs and odours.

The formula is anti-static, ensuring you don’t need to worry about fabric softener.

Pet Laundry restores the items to a feeling of freshness and natural feeling with minimal fuss.

The formula is highly concentrated ensuring the product is kept economical for you in the long run!

New to Pestrol and just in time for Summer. The Solclean range of Pet products is the perfect addition to your household. Make sure you also have a look at the other products available in this great range.

Flea FreeEar Hear & the Pet Breeze Spray

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  • Great to use on pet’s toys, bed and lead.

  • Removes urine and secretion odours from pet’s belongings.

  • Penetrates well into fabric products, removing tough stains.­

  • Kills germs.

  • Antic static product, no fabric softener needed. 

  • No chlorine, bleach or irritants in products. 

  • Restores fresh feeling.

  • Completely non toxic and eco friendly.

  • Highly concentrated formula, ensuring product is economical in use. 


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