pet breeze spray to remove odours
pet breeze spray to remove odours

Pet Breeze Spray


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The Pet Breeze spray will keep your animal free from odours.

Easily applied, the Pet Breeze spray works quickly to remove tough odours not only from your pet but also on fabric and surrounding areas where your pet has been.

The Pet Breeze spray has been formed with the latest technology and is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Making the Pet Breeze spray the easiest and safest product to keep your pet odour free and to keep you happy!

New to Pestrol and just in time for Summer. The Solclean range of Pet products is the perfect addition to your household. Make sure you also have a look at the other products available in this great range.

Flea Free, Ear Hear & Pet Laundry


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­- Quick working and effective. Ensuring tough smells on your pet, fabrics they lay on and surrounding areas are removed completely.

– Breaks down germs, fats, proteins and organic gases that cause odours ­in the area. 

– The product genuinely works to remove ordours. No masking odours with fragrance or artificial scents. 

– Restores natural freshness in air ­by removing unwanted smells and odours. 

– No harsh chemicals making it safe for pets and people.

– Made without alcohol and known irritants.


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