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Pestrol Rodent Free – 30 Day TV trial


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  • 3 Technologies: Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic and Ionic
  • Gets rid of rats, mice and also helps control cockroaches
  • Chemical Free
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • 24-hour protection
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Effective in covering walls, ceiling and open spaces
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 100 Day money back guarantee

Estimated Coverage 

  • 1 Unit covers a 1-2 bedroom home
  • 2 Units cover a 2-3 bedroom home
  • 3 units cover a 3-4 bedroom home
  • Multi-level homes require 1 Unit per Floor

Where to use:

  • Inside your home                     Restaurants
  • Garage                                         Hotels
  • Shed                                             Offices
  • Barn                                             Hospitals

Pestrol Rodent Free:

Try it for 30 days, keep it and pay $138 per unit or pay upfront and save $19. Click Here

CREATED IN AUSTRALIA – As advertised on talkback radio and TV Australia wide.  New design with improved technology.

SAFE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Chemical Free, Harm Free and Odor Free to humans and pets.  Will not interfere with household appliances. Meets all Australian electrical standards. 100% Safe!

EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE – Simply plug it in  and the unit will utilize your wiring to spread the signal through your house. Pestrol Rodent Free covers walls, ceilings, and open spaces.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty.  Full refund within 100 days.  In business over 22 years.  We stand by our products!  We provide customer service that cares and when needed is willing to take the extra steps for you to succeed.




Electromagnetic Pest Control utilises the existing wiring within the walls of your home or building by simply sending a pulsing or shifting signal through the wires, this is tuned to irritate the pests nervous system. The signal is turned on and off at set intervals so the rodents and cockroaches will not build up a tolerance. Electromagnetic vibrations from the unit are picked up by the rodents and cockroaches. Making it difficult or impossible for them to gather food, breed and build their nests, and communicate with each other. As a result, your home becomes an extensive pest repeller and all rodents and cockroaches will want to escape and stay away.

Scientific Studies: (Our Pestrol team continually looks at ways of improving the technology and we make continual adjustments to our product to deliver you with the best results!)

  • 2003 research by Professor Danthanarayana an Emeritus Professor of Zoology at the University of NEW England, who has 42 years experience as a Zoologist.  This research affirms the findings and conclusion that the food and water consumption of rodents are adversely affected by electromagnetic pest control devices.
  • 2002 study performed by Genesis laboratories in Colorado USA, which shows the ability of electronic repellent device to repel certain pests in controlled environments.  The study shows: ‘the feed consumption patterns offer the strongest indication that the wild mice were in fact reacting to the device.  The females in particular displayed feeding patterns consistent with hypothesis that they were avoiding the signal.  The responses of both sexes of mice when the signal location was reversed in phase 2 also suggest s the mice were aware of the signal.  The feeding pattern clearly changed in conjunction with the signal relocation”.
  • H.Shytel Glover cockroach test, 1997: “The Electromagnetic device is not only effective in repelling roaches, but after removal has a residual effect for approximately 30 days”.  The result from the tests showed successfully repelling rodent from the protected area


Ultrasonic pest control utilises a high-pressure ultrasonic sound that is higher than the human hearing range. The Pestrol Rodent Free technology emits a disorienting pulse that startles and frightens away cockroaches and rodents from your home or office. Using a variable pulse generator, Pestrol Rodent Free emits fluctuating sound waves so pests don’t get accustomed to the sound. The Pestrol Rodent Free will need to be plugged into a power point approximately 0.2 metres from floor level in order for the ultrasonic to run along the ground, living rooms and hallways. Ensure the unit is placed in an unobstructed area for the ultrasonic waves to achieve maximum coverage- ultrasonic waves do not pass through solid objects and or turn, bend around corners.

Scientific Studies:

  • Kansas State University: did an in – depth examination providing its appeal.  The review stated:  “confirmed that ultrasonic sound products do have both a repellent result as well as a reduction in mating and reproduction of a variety of insects.”
  • University of British Columbia by John P.J Pinel – a thorough investigation was done to evaluate the possibilities of using a device which emits high  – intensity, ultrasonic sound to control rat populations.  The study found “that a signal administered at only 96db was as noxious to rats as a painful electric shock”.
  • A study conducted by S.A. Shumake at Denver Wildlife Research Center confirmed a decrease in food consumption where ultrasound devices were present.


This technology emits electrically charged atoms that are common in our atmosphere. Negative ions are produced naturally by lightning before a storm. Animals are naturally sensitive to negative ions. Long before a lightning storm, cockroaches and rodents sense a change in the environment and look for protection away from the storm. Ionic pest repellers mimic the electric charge of an incoming storm throughout your establishment, transforming you indoors into a hostile environment. Pests become confused and frightened and seek shelter far from the range of any Pestrol Rodent Free product. Besides making you indoors a deterrent against pests, the negative ions constantly purify the air you breathe.

Scientific Studies:

  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that ionizing a room led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% less bacteria in the air (since many of the pollutants found in the air reside on floating dust particles).
  • The Agriculture Research Services of the U.S Dept. of Agriculture tested the effectiveness of ionizers for removing dust in a poultry hatchery.  The level is very high in such an environment.  In this study, the use of an ionizer resulted in dust removal efficiencies that averaged between 81.1 and 92.2%.  The airborne transmission of salmonella (to the eggs) was also significantly reduced as a result.


How many units do I require for my home/office?

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to have 1 unit per electrical circuit that is present in your dwelling. Often multi-story home owners purchase 1 unit per floor.

How do I know if my Pestrol Rodent Free is working?

You may see increased activity as rodents and cockroaches are forced from their hiding places. Often it can take up to 3 weeks to remove rodents. Cockroaches may take longer as eggs can lay dormant for many months before they hatch. Pestrol Rodent Free has a full 100-day money back guarantee, well and truly enough time to ensure you are happy with the results.

What happens if the lights stop flashing on the unit?

The Pestrol Rodent Free alternates the technologies so the rodents and cockroaches do not become immune. Therefore the unit switches on / off for maximum effectiveness.

Will the Pestrol Rodent Free affect my pets?

No, Pestrol Rodent Free has been used for many years by thousands of satisfied customers in Australia and NZ. Will not affect dogs, cats, birds, or fish as they have a different genetic structure to rodents and cockroaches. The ultrasonic sounds can in some cases be heard by cats and dogs. Pestrol Rodent Free cleverly allows the user to shut off the ultrasonic component of the unit, whilst keeping the electromagnetic technology running.

How long will the Pestrol Rodent Free last?

There are no moving parts in the electronic circuitry, we expect the unit to last up to approximately 10 years, and we also provide a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

I have Rodents in my roof and wall cavities, do I need to plug the Pestrol Rodent Free in these locations?

No, providing you plug the Pestrol Rodent Free into any power point, the electromagnetic technology will work through your electrical wiring that reaches into these cavities to repel Rodents from their hiding places.

Has the Pestrol Rodent Free been electrically tested?

Yes, the unit has passed all electrical testing. Will not affect any electrical equipment or WIFI products.

The unit has worked really well, however, I just spotted a rat or mouse; does that mean my unit has stopped working?

No, remember the first time you purchased the unit it can take up to 7-10 days to remove rats and mice from your dwelling. Rats and mice are always on the move and if you get a new infestation it can again take 7-10 days to get rid of the new intruders.

Does it matter what side of a double sided wall socket I plug my Pestrol Rodent Free unit into?

According to our customer experience and advice that has been provided by electricians. The results are better if the unit is plugged into the left-hand side.

How much electricity does the Pestrol Rodent Free consume?

Pestrol Rodent Free costs the same as running an 8 watt light bulb, equating to cents per month to run.

Is the Pestrol Rodent Free effective against Possums?

Whilst this technology has not been associated with repelling Possums, many customers have experienced favourable results in driving Possums from their homes.


  • Sound Distance of up to 150sq meters
  • Power: AC 220-240/50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 8W (Max.)
  • Size: 13 x 8 x 6.5cm
  • Weight: 134g
  • Pulse Interval
  • Ultrasonic wave: Pulsates on / off.
  • Magnetic wave: Pulsates on / off.


I bought one of these Pestrol items from you…I have had mice for about 3 years now and spent a small fortune on traps, baits and lost some items due to the mice eating through them….Although mouse traps were working, the mice bred that fast that I was catching 10 a week in the traps and then there would be still more on the loose….So, one morning I saw your ad and fed up to the eye teeth, decided to give Pestrol a try..I plugged it in and hoped for the best. A week later, still mice about so I thought another waste of money but persevered because it did say at least a month to rid pests….It was a week after purchasing the item that I realised I hadn’t switched it on at the side (yes, some days I’m really dumb)….To cut a long story short, slowly I started finding dead mice, baby ones and then about 4 days ago that sound (mice moving around) had completely gone….No mouse droppings, no sound of them chewing ”something”…It is almost unbelievable that after 3 years, I’m free of mice…I’m so happy with this product that I can only express my deep gratitude that some clever person came up with this idea…Thank you very much and please feel free to use my testimony….Thanks again,

Karen, NSW

Just a quick note to comment on the Pestrol Rodent free we bought a couple of months ago,  I am writing this because it is one of the best products I have ever bought, my new house had rats in the ceiling and 5 days after installing the Pestrol Rodent Free devices they were gone, I am so glad I called when I heard the ad…

Thanks again

Kerry V

Well guys just a short note to say I am extremely pleased with your Pestrol Rodent Free 4 in 1 product.

Used  the three I purchased at our 2 story house for 1 week haven’t seen anything in the house,
not even spiders or roaches, reduced it to 1 for now.

Placed 2 in mother in laws  house with excellent results also, nothing seen or moving anywhere.

Absolutely the best product out there!


PESTROL team enjoyed this review so much we have put up the entire email

Hello people at Pestrol,

This may well be directed to the wrong department. I’m sure they can relocate it.

I found your site on line and viewed with more than the usual dose of considerable sceptacism -your ad for a device that makes rodents think twice about entering a house. So I Googled the people ………………… and gave it a shot- a $9.95 gamble that I fully expected to be sending back within 30 days sans the remaining $120.

Truth is – we had tried everything. And when you live in the country (central Vic) in a 160 year old house – like most people in this region, you get rats every winter whether you like it or not.

Many people confuse this with people who don’t live in a sanitary abode. Wrong. Our home is sanitised -washed- waxed and polished every day. Within an inch of its life. Stand still in any room and you will be sprayed, waxed and polished too. And vaccumed. My wife has a product for every cleaning application known to man in the western world. And some from the third world too. Some people have hobbies. My wife cleans things till they gleam. And as a result -the concept of rats in a wall or ceiling drives her very close to the edge.

Now -for several hundred dollars you can get a man with a huge rat’s head painted on his truck complete with whiskers that stick out where the rear view mirrors are. My wife made him park around the corner. He will spray nasty powder stuff into your ceilings and put bait bins all over your property. It works. But only for a time. Or you can run the local hardware store out of ‘Warfarin’ based products at $8.95 a packet. The rats eat this stuff like popcorn. I have seen them laying back throwing Ratsak in the air and catching it in their mouths. Bastards. Even the cat – even the bloody cat -has been seen sunbaking with rats on the back lawn. Paws behind his head. Honest!

So -as I said- with some trepidation we plugged your Heath Robinson device into the wall. It did all the right things and had flashing lights. A must for fandangled devices.  And we sat back and waited. One night.

And here is the factual bit about having rats in the-can’t-get-to fabric of your home.

A rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a 20 cent peice. You won’t see him – but you will hear him and his relatives as you lie in your bed. They don’t run around living rooms or kitchens unless you leave them open all night. They go into the walls and ceilings and other places where you can’t fit a finger. As they run – they urinate. And it stinks with an essence so pungent- that you recognise it whenever you get a whiff. As repulsive as this is – it evaporates and sometime the next morning you can’t smell a thing. But the second you walk into a home with a rat in it -the smell is unmistakeable. And revolting. Every winter – the rats decend on our town – as though it were Hamlyn. And everybody lies about having them. Nobody’s ever seen one. Or got one. Except that the Hardware store sells 14 pallets of Ratsak a year in a town with 900 people in it.

So the next day we ran into the library in our house which has an 18 foot ceiling which is  the favourite place for our rats. Nothing. Not a whiff of anything. Except rose pot pourri. So we said – they weren’t coming that night anyways. Again the next day we went in and did some more sniffing. Nothing. So we reread the instructions. Can’t be right. Says that it takes days – even weeks for this thing to work. So we check the flashing lights. And sniffed it. We now sniff night and day. Nothing. Place smells like a flower shop. With lavender soap overtones.

So folks – if you do have rats or mice give this Ratbuster thingummy a go. No – one in the world is a bigger cynic than I. I swear. But from the second we plugged this thing in to the wall – we have not had a rat – or the smell of a rat in our home. And that is a fact. I don’t write testimonials for things. But I will for this. My wife is now an extremely happy woman. And if she’s happy- I’m happy. She’s back to sterilising, waxing and polishing.

As for the mice and cockroaches that are also alarmed by this Ratbuster – we don’t care. If we had a mouse he obviously saw the rats and shoots through. And the cat get him as he does and plays with him before eating him. Cockroaches get eaten by the frogs. But rats – we had the bloody things every winter. But -it seems- not anymore.

I remain,

Yours etc.

Richard M.
Central Victoria.

I bought a PESTROL about 6 weeks ago and I want to tell you that it is everything you claim and more! I have not had a mouse in the house since it was installed and I had been catching 1 or 2 every day. But, most impressive, my house has been plagued by bats for the last 30 years and although I have tried other sonic repellers yours is the only one that worked!
Many thanks for a wonderful product, I recommend this to everyone

Ray, Echuca VIC

Many thanks.

My wife thinks that the only pest it doesn’t seem to be able to deal with to her satisfaction is myself. Should you develop a risk-free pestilent husband eliminator I’m sure she would be interested.

Merv, Castle Hill NSW

I am very happy with the rodent free unit. We have not seen any rodents and the only 2 cockroaches that came in died. We took the unit down to our sons place on the Central Coast to let him see how good the product was. Left it there for 3 weeks as he did have a few mice and when we got back he said that the mice weren’t coming in anymore. Also he said that he only had the odd cockroach. He was impressed with the unit and said he would look into buying one. Thanks for the wonderful invention.


Just to let you know that the device is working brilliantly in a situation that your phone advisor could not assure me of its potential success!

We live on a rural property at the Sunshine Coast of Qld and have had problems in the past with rats inhabiting the engine compartment of our sedan. This in the past has resulted in damaged wiring and optical fiber to the tune $3,000 for repair.

Your device has been placed under the front bumper of the garaged vehicle on an electrical lead facing back and slightly tilted upwards.

This has been in operation now for some weeks and we have not had any evidence of rat activity (normally rat poo on the garage floor etc) and so attribute this to the effectiveness of the device.

We also had evidence of rat activity in our house’s flat roof ceiling compartment but this has now also ceased!


Tom F, Palmwoods QLD

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  1. Audrey

    So far seems to be ok, only had it a month. Did try and contact the company before the month was up, but didn’t receive a return call, disappointed with that

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  4. Barbara D.

    Not sure if it is working yet as I have had it a month and can still hear running about in my loft area, so have purchased another one to put at the other end of the house and hope this will help.

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  5. Chris H.

    I was genuinely surprised that this product not only worked but worked quickly and has continued to work months after purchase. I tried other products from stores, but this is definitely the best and most successful that I have found.

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  6. Lynda

    Started working immediately

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    Very good

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