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Pestrol Regular Refills

from: $22.95

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Pestrol Regular Refills, with Natural Pyrethrins, remove unwanted insects from your home naturally. Pestrol Regular Refills will also fit Robocan / Innovair Dispensers. 1 Refill lasts approximately 4-6 weeks!


Will fit Robocan / Innovair dispensers. These refills will not fit Pestrol Ultra range of dispensers.

1 x Refill will last you approximately 4-6 weeks if the unit is left on continuously.

Refills are APVMA approved.

Pestrol Regular refills includes Natural Pyrethrins

Pestrol Regular refills screw CLOCKWISE into the dispenser head.

Other refills can often include cheaper synthetic pyrethrins and pyrethroids.

The refills that you will receive are different to how they look on our website. The shown refill can have been digitally created in accordance with our new branding: We are currently getting APVMA approval for this new design to fit our rebranding of our complete refill range. The old label APVMA Approval No: 61350/305/1006 is still our current label:(Pestrol Automist insect killer with Natural Pyrethrins): of which you will be receiving

Size: 24.5 x 6.5 x 6.5cm

Weight: 436g



32 reviews for Pestrol Regular Refills

  1. marcia APPLETON

    Been using over 10 years

  2. kevin hobson

    Have been using this product for years now and rate it A1. Never have to use any other pest control.

  3. Janine D.

    I love this product I have been using it for years

  4. John W.

    Great to find that Raid system is not obsolete. These cans work exactly the same and are perfect. Have used for many years and the vacuum cleaner thrives on its daily intake of flies, insects & creepy crawlies

  5. Anonymous

    Excellent product have been a customer for a lot of years

  6. Lorretta Whitmore


  8. Christine Johnston

    I have been using them for over 10 years and have found it to be a very effective pest control.

  9. B W.

    As this is a repeat order for the same product it should be fairly obvious that I am happy with it, otherwise would I have ordered it again?

  10. Ian M.

  11. Annette Cloke

    Have been using this product for many years now and I always know if it runs out by the sudden appearance of flies and ants! Put in the new can and they are all gone within minutes. Highly recommend.

  12. Bruce Reytnolds

    Works all the time

  13. Leslie G.


  14. Desmond

  15. val

    This product the best.We have been usin it for many years.

  16. Di Bolger

    Love this product to keep my home free of flies mosquitoes spiders etc . Even promoted it at Post Office on collection both people took name of product . Hope you received more sales to Armadale WA

  17. Rae R.

  18. Carol

  19. Christine Johnston

    I have been using them for years and are quite happy with them.

  20. Gary h.

    Effective product and the only place that still stock old style can

  21. Margaret E.

    Have been using this product for several years and very happy with the service I get from Pestrol and the Pestrol Insect killer.

  22. JIM T.

  23. Joan Rowe

  24. Steve M.

    A month before the Start of summer every year I turn on the automatic insect sprayer & turn it off approx 2 months after summer ends. Lucky to get 2 mozzies, flies or spiders the whole time anywhere in the house. Awesome Product…

  25. Annette A.

    I am very happy with your product

  26. Bruce Knox


  28. Ngaire Phipps

  29. Helen Ware

    I recommend this product to everyone I speak to. It really does what is advertised. Best thing since fly swats!!!

  30. Andre Marsellos

  31. Steve Veal

    Good value though in our small house we have two dispensers working

  32. Neil S.

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