Pantry Moth Buster By Pestrol
Pantry Moth Buster By Pestrol
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Pantry Moth Buster by Pestrol


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The Pestrol Pantry Moth Buster is filled with a traditional mix of insect deterring herbs and essential oils to keep your pantry insect free.

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Pantry Poultry Pantry Moth & Insect Repellant.

Give this chicken-styled pantry moth repellent free range in your pantry!

Filled with a traditional mix of insect deterring herbs and essential oils, it will help keep your cupboard insect free.

Squeeze occasionally to refresh the fragrance.


Size: 9 x 9 x 9cm

Weight: 68g

A great alternative to Moth traps!

3 reviews for Pantry Moth Buster by Pestrol

  1. Kathryn D.

    Too early to see if it works properly but I haven’t seen any moths but that could be seasonal

  2. Anonymous

    Still waiting to receive it after more than 6 weeks of order and 2 emails of enquiring

  3. Barbara

    Moths have gone, but can not say if it was because of the moth buster, or my clean out. Will know if they do not return.

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