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Owl Bird Repeller – Pestrol Bird and Predator Control


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Owl Bird Repeller from Pestrol helps repel bird and pests while adding an attractive charm to your garden.

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Owl Bird Repeller and Predator Control from Pestrol

Owl Bird Repeller helps repel bird and pests while adding an attractive charm to your garden. It is hand painted for maximum realism and effectiveness.

For use around gardens, decks, boat docks, and rafts.

The Pestrol Revolving Owl Bird Repeller is a quick and easy solution to scare birds and other pests from your home or property. Simply hang, or fill with sand to act as a weight inside the Owl and place virtually anywhere to scare pest birds! This is the ideal solution for both outdoors as well as indoors to keep your home/area free of pest birds! If you would prefer to use an ultrasonic solar-powered pest repeller, consider the Solar Animal Away Elite.


Where is the best place to position the Owl Decoy Repeller?

The  Owl Bird Repellers can be placed just about anywhere! This includes, but is not limited to, decks, roofs, gardens, hung from trees, hung from roofs, sheds, barns, patios, veranda’s, veggie gardens, orchards and many more.

What is the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer made of and what are the measurements?

The  Owl Bird deterrent is made of a durable plastic. It is coloured very life like, and has realistic reflective eyes. The  Owl Bird Scarer is approximately 400mm high and 200mm wide.

What Birds with the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer frighten and deter?

There are many birds the Owl Bird Scarer will scare. This includes, but is not limited to, minors, sparrows, swallows, blackbirds, pigeons, starlings and many more.

Can the Plastic Owl be fixed onto a surface?

Yes, if you do not wish to hang the Owl Bird Repeller with the string provided, or weigh it down with sand, the Owl Bird Scarer can be fixed with a strong adhesive.

What range will the Pestrol Owl Bird Scarer scare birds from?

The plastic Owl Bird Scarer will scare birds up to a 20m radius around the unit.


Size: 40 x 18 x 18cm

Weight: 334g

Also, you have the option of selecting the Devil Plastic Owl Repeller: The head spins around completely in the wind – providing extra coverage for potential predators to see the glowing eyes.


Devil Owl Repeller Deterrent

1 review for Owl Bird Repeller – Pestrol Bird and Predator Control

  1. Kerrie T.

    Good quality, head overlaps body so rain doesn’t get in. More importantly the Owl started working immediately to scare off the Noisy Minors that had fought with all the native birds & got rid of them. Then they decided my balcony was their next home & the Noisy Minor is very aggressive here on the Gold Coast. I had bird tape, spikes, sparkling discs etc. I had tiny plastic owls on the clothesline & it was wrapped like a Christmas tree with the tape & spikes & the Minors would sit beside them & continue pooping everywhere; frightening me & my little dog with their swooping & the NOISE never let up.
    This purchase saved my sanity & my backyard is free to use & the native birds are slowly coming back. A great product.

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