Pestrol gecko free
Pestrol gecko free

Pestrol Gecko Free


Pestrol Gecko Free repels unwanted Geckos from your home or office humanely.



Pestrol Gecko Free repels unwanted Geckos from your home or office.

With airconditioning units costing thousands to repair especially when geckos get caught in the motor – pestrol gecko free is a safe and easy repelling option.

With 4 cubes per pack. Remove the self adhesive and apply to areas you are trying to control.

1 or 2 cubes per large room is adequate for control.


Geckos (Geckoes as often spelt incorrectly) are a familiar sight to those of us who live in the tropical reigions of Australia. Often referred to as ‘house geckos’ they enjoy running across our walls and ceilings to capture insects.

Many Australian’s in particular try to repel geckos because of the damage they can create when they get caugth in the air conditiong units.

Geckos make a lot of noise and nothing worse than having them fall on you, in the middle of the night as many of our customers have reported.

The all natural ingredients repels the geckos quick and safely.

Diplodactylidae, Carphodactylidae and Gekkonidae are the names given to the Australian geckos families that exist here.

Repelling gecko tips:

  • Australian Geckos don’t like:
    • keeping your house airconditioning lower  than 18 degrees at night
    • Using our pestrol ultra dispenser  will ensure that you remove insects internally; taking away the food source.
    • mothballs
  • Geckos are nocturnal which means they only come out at night time.



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