Cockroach glue-boards by pestrol
Cockroach glue-boards by pestrol
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Pestrol Cockroach Glue Traps


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Use these pads to help with the elimination process of Cockroaches within your home. For optimum results combine the cockroach pads with a Pestrol Rodent Free.


Pestrol Cockroach Pads come in packs of 4.
When using the Pestrol Rodent Free you will get increased cockroach activity for the first few weeks. This is because the pestrol technology is getting into nooks and cranies that are conventionally outside normal reach of sprays. Cockroaches will come out from their hiding places as they look to leave the premise. These cockroach glue pads just speeds up the eradication process. Cockroach eggs can lay dormant for up to 6 months.
Use these pads to help with the elimination process of Cockroaches within your home. For optimum results combine the cockroach pads with a Pestrol Rodent Free.
No harmfull chemicals, all natural ingredients. The cockroach carboard house has a sticky adhesive base. Place the attractant in the middle of the adhesive, cockroaches climb inside and get stuck. The glue trap can then be thrown away. No mess, no smell, set and forget.
The average life of each trap depends on the amount of cockroaches you collect. On average you can leave one cardboard trap for 10- 20 days.
The cockroach glue traps weigh 128g and are 6 x 20 x 10cm.

2 reviews for Pestrol Cockroach Glue Traps

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Bronwyn Aversa

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