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Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes – 50cm piece


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Welcoming the new Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes!

The new design with cleverly constructed hinges allowing each strip to follow the contours of any surface. It is just what you need to keep those pesky animals and intruders out of your yard.

Perfect for stopping cats, possums and birds from damaging your yard.

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Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes – 50cm piece

The Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes are manufactured from robust UV stabilised polypropylene, perfect to discourage those pesky animals and intruders from climbing into your yard, without causing serious harm.

The cleverly designed hinges allow each strip to follow the contours of any surface such as a bevelled top rail of a fence or fit it straight onto a flat surface.

The Flexible Cat and Fence Spikes are a great way to keep pests and intruders out, all whilst keeping your pets safe in your yard. Ideal for deterring cats, possums, birds and even rodents from entering your yard with the unique spike design that causes them some discomfort without causing them harm – as a result, the animals and intruders avoid the area where the spikes are placed.


Each strip features fixing holes to allow the strips to be easily screwed or nailed down.

As an alternative, strips can be stuck in position using a suitable, all-weather instant adhesive


L 50cm x W 4.5cm x H 1.5cm (base+spike)

Which Pestrol plastic fence and wall spike is right for me?

Fence and wall spikes Australia


3 Different Pestrol Deterrent Spikes:

1: Fence and Wall Spikes

  • Narrow – flexible Lengthwise only. – Easily separated through 4 breakpoints; making it easier for flat surface installation.


2: Flexible Fence and Wall Spikes

  • Narrow – Flexible Lengthwise and Widthwise – Great for bending along the contour of a shaped surface. Can also be separated into 3 long pieces.


3: Large Fence and Wall Spikes

  • Significantly wider – Has the same qualities as spike 2; only larger with 1 extra row of spikes. Great for covering larger areas. (Just released)

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  1. Kate H.

    Haven’t tried them along fences. I did try laying them in garden beds and large pots to deter cats. Didn’t work. Cats simply knocked them over and lay on them! Then tried criss-crossing the strips (cones fit neatly into each other) to form a grid and pegging them down. Much better.

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  2. Julianne Madigan

    These have been so successful in keeping cats from jumping over my side gate. Now the cats are coming over the fence so I’m buying more. Watch out kitty cats, you’re not welcome. I wish cat owners would be more responsible and keep their cats inside. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, but not when they’re pooping in my yard.

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