Outdoor Fruit Fly Trap
Outdoor Fruit Fly Trap
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Outdoor Fruit Fly Trap


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Tree Fruit Fly Trap

Controls fruit flies and breaks the breeding cycle in fruit trees in your backyard, vineyard or farm.

Environmentally friendly.

Easy to set / saves crops and recommended 1 trap per acre.

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Outdoor Fruit Fly Trap

Australian designed Outdoor fruit fly trap to protect your environment and more importantly your fruit trees.

Can be used commercially on your farm or simply in your backyard.

1 trap per acre.

How to get rid of fruit flies has never been so easy. Fast to set up, environmentally friendly. Trapping fruit flies has never been so easy.

Each fruit fly trap will last for 3-4 months. So we generally say as long as the fruiting season lasts.

Save money by protecting your crops today.

If you are a large commercial buyer, please call us direct on 1800 33 88 88 for a quotation on orders over 50.

Safety directions: Avoid contacts with eyes and mouth. Wash off with plenty of water if you do handle the attractant blocks. We advise using gloves when setting fruit fly trap up.

What attractant would be best for you: We sell 2 attractants for Fruit Flies:

  1. C-Lure Attractant works on the following fruit flies:
    • Queensland Fruit Fly
    • Mango Fruit Fly
    • Newman Fruit Fly
    • Lesser Queensland Fruit Fly

2. M-Lure Fruit Fly Attractant

    • Paypaya Fruit Fly
    • Banana Fruit Fly
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3 reviews for Outdoor Fruit Fly Trap

  1. Paul

    Hard to assess at this time.

  2. Laurie Mcgrath

  3. Toni

    What a great buy these have been, they appear much more effective than the equivalent product available elsewhere.

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