Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller – Hopper Stopper


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Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller

This simple device that gets mounted onto the front of your car will reduce the likelihood of a collision between animals and vehicle by up to 80%



Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller – Hopper Stopper (2 pack)

Recently added to the Pestrol Range of Chemical Free DIY pest control products, the Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller is a very cost-effective way of reducing the accidental collision by up to 80%.

This simple Hopper Stopper device radiates sound waves in front of your vehicle to warn animals that you are coming in there direction. The sound can be heard by the animals up to 2km away. Air simply passes through the Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller creating high-frequency sounds that are heard by wild animals and greatly reduces the risk of damage to the animal and your vehicle.


  • The Kangaroo Vehicle Repeller works with speeds over 55kph
  • Our system improves the protection rate against accidental damage caused by animal-vehicle contact.
  • Easily maintained with special keys that allow the device to be removed for easy cleaning.
  • UV Stabilised for long-lasting and durability with Australia’s harsh sun.
  • Made in the USA


  • Install around the bumper region of your vehicle.
  • Ensure the area that you are applying the devices are clean, dry and flat before using the double-sided adhesive provided.

Pestrol makes no claim that this will provide you with a 100% prevention of animal collisions in all areas. Wild animals of all kinds act differently in all situations, however, this will greatly reduce the chance of hurting animals and or damaging your car.


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