Jumbo Fly Catcher – Envirosafe


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Jumbo Fly Trap – Envirosafe

When you have a fly problem that is really big, you need the Jumbo Fly Catcher.

Environmentally friendly fly traps that are built for Australian conditions. UV treated plastic construction and attractant designed and made in Australia for maximising fly catch and kill rates.

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Envirosafe Jumbo Fly Catcher

Fly Catcher from Envirosafe is made with reusable plastic and Australian made Fly Trap with an attractant system that was developed after many years of exhausting research to provide Aussies with the most effective way to control flies that will not break the piggy bank.

This Extra large outdoor fly trap is perfect when the conditions demand that you need a larger fly trap to control and remove excessive fly populations in your environment. When you ask “how to get rid of flies” Envirosafe is the leading name and benchmark for fly control traps in Australia. The attractant is superior as it is made in Australia for specifically catching Aussie flies. The materials that the fly trap is made from is tough and durable, ensuring that it is UV protected to be able to deal with the harsh summer conditions that Australia delivers.

The jumbo fly Catcher is simply the larger version of the regular fly trap.


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