European Wasp Trap – Dome Shaped


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Wasp Dome Trap

A reliable, plastic, UV stabilised, reusable wasp trap.

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European Wasp Trap – Dome Shaped

Pestrol’s European Wasp Trap: the original wasp trap developed over 30 years ago. Tried, tested, reliable and reusable. To be used with the No Pests Wasp Lure liquid wasp bait.

Our wasp trap has a clear top and yellow funnel-shaped coloured bottom, designed to allow the wasps to enter from below and become trapped. The specially formulated liquid attractant (not included) attracts the wasps into the trap, the components in this attractant are made of UV stabilized polymers. This trap combines colour attractant alongside a liquid attractant for maximum efficiency.

Directions for Use:

European Wasp  Trap

  • Unlock the Trap, pour in 250ml of NoPests® Wasp Lure.
  • Lock Wasp Dome Trap lid to closed position.
  • Locate trap in direct sunlight in areas where wasps frequent, using hanging cord provided.
  • Inspect the dome trap regularly and remove dead insects.
  • Replace lure monthly, or when levels drop due to evaporation.
  • If the dome trap is full and there is no free liquid, remove contents and rinse with clean water before refilling with NoPests® Wasp Lure.


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