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Envirosafe Fly Trap – Regular


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Remove flies outdoors

Australian made, eco-friendly fly trap to remove annoying disease ridden flies from your home or workplace.

Perfect for outdoor areas, however, many people use our fly trap indoors.

Pesticide-free and each fly trapping device come with a food grade quality attractant to get you started.

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Envirosafe Fly Trap – Regular

Australia’s top-selling Outdoor Fly Trap finally available through Pestrol

After years in the game and significant research to ensure that the Envirosafe Fly trap delivers the most cost-effective and ease of use for catching annoying flies.

This fly trapping device is the benchmark for all Australians looking at controlling fly populations at their place.

The Envirosafe Fly Killer is the safest flycatcher because of its natural food grade attractant. Making this the pesticide-free fly trap of choice. This also ensures that the trap will attract all varieties of flies and once they are inside the trap, they cannot get out.

Our fly killer works best when it is placed within 50cm from the ground. Flies like the heat and not a lot of wind, so a protected place in the sun is perfect. The flycatcher begins to give off an odour once it accumulates many flies, this also assists in attracting more flies to the fly catching device.

If you require a larger fly trap look at our Jumbo Fly Catcher or simply require some replacement fly lures we have it all.

Our number one product for automatic control of flies is our Pestrol Ultra units. These fly control products send out a fine mist of pyrethrum based active ingredient that will repel flies internally and externally at your home.

Interesting facts about Australian Flies

  • A fly can taste food through their feet.
  • They can walk upside down
  • They go to the toilet very often due to the fly having a very liquid diet.
  • We all know flies carry disease, so it would be no surprise they love laying their eggs on faces, decaying fruit, and vegetables. (This ensures the larvae (maggots) have food to eat when they hatch)
  • Fly life cycle is approximately 50 days, however, within that time they can lay up to 500 eggs.

Directions to set up your Fly Trap.

  1. Remove the colour card from inside the fly killer.
  2. Remove the contents of the Envirosafe Fly Attractant Refill into the trap.
  3. Add water, preferably warm.
  4. Gently swirl to mix the attractant.
  5. Place in your desired location.


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  1. John R.

    It works great. No horrible spray.

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  2. Ross

    This product is great and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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  3. Gunther F.

    This was so good, I bought 2 more for other parts of the house!

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  4. gunther

    This is AMAZING. Follow the instructions, keep it in a warm area if you haven’t got direct sunlight, give it 24-36 hours for the magic liquid to ferment, and then watch the flies appear in the bottle. Some are more stubborn, but eventually they just start appearing. Put it on a high-ish perch. In their flight path is good. Find a spot and be patient; they will come!

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