Enforcer Bug Zapper – Portable


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Enforcer Bug Zapper – Portable – Rechargeable – Cordless

Perfect for outdoors / camping / picnics and much more – kills mosquitoes, mothes and other flying insects.

Solar charged or USB charged (cable provided) also works as a handy lantern.

W18cm x H24cm x D18cm.

Enforcer Bug Zapper – Portable

Enforcer Bug Zapper – Portable is the cordless/rechargeable insect zapper that you need when you are on the move. Life’s better outside with the coolest portable insect zapper by Pestrol. I think we can all agree, there is absolutely nothing worse than hearing the sound of hungry mosquitoes buzzing around our head looking to feed on us. Furthermore, enjoying the great outdoors but going to sleep, having already been bitten and dealing with the dreaded itch, is a fast way of not enjoying our valuable time outside. (Look at our bite relief product – zap-it)

No power supply? No problem! Keep flying pests at bay – whether you’re on your patio, at a picnic, camping or 4W driving.

The Enforcer Bug Zapper – cordless offers the ultimate portability with its onboard battery pack. Powered by a Lithium battery offering a run time of up to 15-20 hours,  the unit can also be charged in around 2 hours with a USB power supply (USB cable included).  This cleverly designed model is versatile as it also doubles as a lantern!

Its replaceable 2200mA Lithium battery can be recharged up to 2000 times.  UV mosquito attraction and separate lantern Illumination comes from two banks of LEDs.  The unit also features a handy auto on-off function – leave the zapper running overnight when you’re out camping – it automatically switches off at dawn. This unit is also solar powered, ensuring you can charge up during the day and be ready to attack the insects when they come out to play from dawn to dusk.


W18cm x H24cm x D18cm.





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