Enforcer Bug Zapper 20W


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Enforcer Bug Zapper 20w

If you need an insect zapper for your small to medium backyard, look no further.

Weatherproof and robust.

12-month warranty.

Enforcer Bug Zapper 20W

Enforcer Bug Zapper 20W (20Watt) is a great product to use in and around your home to electrocute and remove the annoyance of household bugs and insects. The Enforcer Bug Zapper 20W includes a 20W UV lamp that is housed internally through a robust and stylish weatherproof casing. Pestrol customers have found that placing the unit at least 2 metres above the ground provided the maximum effectiveness, it was also noted that the insect zapper needs to be removed from other significant light sources and human activity. One of the advantages of our Bug Zapper is the vertical electrocuting grid, that means dead bugs drop directly from the insect zapper. The good news is less cleaning than competitors units that have the older style traditional horizontal grids.

The insect attracting light has been designed to produce a peak light output at a wavelength of 265nm in the UVA band. Mosquitoes and other light-attracted insects find this light wavelength irresistible. Insect zapping units work by attracting the flying insects to the electric grid.

If you would prefer a mosquito and moth catching trap without the sound of zapping insects; have a look at our outdoor mosquito trap: Exterminator

Insects our Bug Zapper will attract:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths and midges
  • All other insects that are active from dusk till dawn


W15.5cm x H35cm x D15.5cm.


  • Meets Australian & New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards
  • Designed and manufactured for Australian conditions


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